Video Simulations

These simulations examine disease outbreak and social dynamics analytics for public spaces in the wake of Covid-19. Explore how using spacial intelligence can help us understand everything from infection rates, to social distancing, to improved foot traffic distribution.

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COVID-19 Social Distancing Analysis to Reopen for Business

Department Store Unsafe COVID-19 Contacts

Restaurant Outbreak

This shows the potential restaurant impact of improper Social Distancing.


This is what an outbreak looks like in a public space like a shopping mall. Just one or two infected people (shown in orange can infect others by coughing or touching, leading to an exponentially growing disease outbreak in a very short time. In the time lapse above, nearly 90% of people are eventually infected!

Pandemic vs. Increased Social Distance

Increasing social distance can be a good way to decrease the spread of disease. Space operators can allow fewer people (and our analytics can help determine the right number) and people can receive guidance about maintaining distance from each other. Here the disease is kept to ~30% of guests.

Controlled Outbreak - AI Guided Mask Distribution

With Spatial Intelligence, we can place distribution locations intelligently and limit the number of guests to increase social distance, leading to much lower infection rates.