3 Step Plan - Reopen, Ramp, React

Pathr has designed a three-step process for your spaces that, in combination with government and other guidelines can help you reopen, ramp, and react in ways that balance public safety and business needs.



  • Determine your pre-pandemic Social Distance Score to set a baseline for your space
  • Calculate a data-driven occupancy to maximize revenue within the social distancing requirements
  • Identify chokepoints and other traffic hotspots and put traffic flow improvement measures in place


  • Assess top drivers of improved social distancing and prioritize based on impact
  • Simulate effectiveness of each solution, such as improved layout, to ensure compliance and minimize cost
  • Implement the improvements and monitor effectiveness
  • Monitor social distancing in real-time to ensure compliance and identify any unsafe contacts or behaviors


  • Prepare policies that allow you to rapidly adjust traffic and flow to avoid a total shutdown if/when another outbreak occurs
  • Add Social Distance Score and occupancy targets for operations and actively monitor
  • Implement systems to direct staff in real-time for preparedness and operational efficiencies

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Analysis that can be done in real time:

  • Calculate the optimal number of people in a space
  • Compliance with social distancing
  • A-B testing effectiveness of policies and procedures
  • Risk assessment in real time based on age
  • ID healthcare and critical infrastructure workers versus standard population
  • Tracking people with an elevated body temperature, where they go and how many interactions they have
  • Routing based upon initial fever screening
  • Identify and dispatch staff to sanitize space
  • Dispatch staff based upon the exact needs at any given moment

Analysis that can be done in simulated offline:

  • Potential transmission rates under various occupancy scenarios
  • Potential transmission rates based upon proactive measures
  • A-B testing of scenarios

COVID-19 Social Distancing Analysis to Reopen for Business

Pathr™ Spacial Intelligence uses data to determine the ideal number of customers for your space.

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